Top 10 Business Ideas to Earn Handsome Money in 2020

There are many jobs that are affected due to COVID-19 on a large scale. Many people have fired from the job, as companies are going in losses in 2020. Some people have started their own businesses either on a small or large scale.

There are many opportunities still available online world. It’s not wrong if I say the next couple of years, the world will be completely online. An eCommerce Business is rapidly increasing and people don’t have time to go to the market and spend time. They order online and the things are on their doorstep.

Not even online, people can also start their businesses offline. There are many ideas you can work on it, and expand your business. We are here to share the top 10 business ideas to earn money in 2020.

Top 10 Business Ideas in 2020

Let’s explore the Top 10 business ideas to earn handsome money in 2020. Status Cell is providing you a list of businesses you can start right now.

1. Affiliate marketing

The business, which is launched without any winter, is gaining popularity all over the world, including Pakistan. It is the best online source of profit and can easily be run by sitting in your home and in your room. In this procedure, you process products or services of another company through the Internet or any other similar medium and receive your own default commission by selling it.

2. Blog Writing

The blog is a website or web page that writes new information and comments every day. A group of individuals or individuals plan it together. Blog-reporting has become a major social media need. In Pakistan, it is de-de-manded in both Urdu and English languages. You can create a reasonable income source by starting a blog-reporting for different websites in a country.

3. Consulting Company

If you have the best information and expertise in any field, you can set up a consulting company to guide people already or new to the field, but this requires a wide range of information and expertise from the relevant sector.

consultancy company

4. Copywriting

Copyrighting is a profitable business. If you have the proper writing skills and have a better understanding of language and grammar, you can start your work as a good copywriter.

If you want to learn how to write content that sells, Here is an introductory video.

How to become a Copywriter

You can learn full copywriting from here. Hisham Sarwar, is a guru, a social media influencer, and a great mentor. You can check their full playlist of copywriting.

5. Yoga and Health Classes

If you have expertise in yoga or other similar health activities, you can easily make this field your business and build a yoga center or health care center at your home or any other available comfort place.

6. Event Management

If you have an event management degree or if you have the best ability to plan, design and set things up, you can start your business as a good event organizer. This way you can make a huge profit through large companies, educational institutions, religious organizations, wedding ceremonies and political parties’ event management.

Event Management

7. Health Consultancy

If you also have a comprehensive health care certificate, you can build your own health care center without an investment. You only need a proper strategy and a Federal Tax Identification Number will be required.

8. Graphic Designing

A good graphic designer doesn’t have to go anywhere to get a job, he can do it for different companies and organizations by sitting at home. But for this, the vast information and business network of our field is of great importance.

Here we also suggest a great channel to learn Graphic Designing and Logo Designing. Imran Ali Dina, One of the best mentor that teaches us graphic designs. Click here to go their channel and explore more.

9. Product Branding and Packaging

There is a significant need for branding and packaging companies of products. You can start this work at home for different companies. The majority of our country is connected to this business. This requires information and relationships from different companies.

Product Packaging

10. Candle Making

If you know the work of making a mom, you can start your work in a very short time and also find opportunities to do it online while you’re at home.

There are a lot of channels on YouTube that teach you how to make beautiful shapes candle. You can watch these videos and make a stylish candle and then sell them online.

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