How to Start Freelancing with No Experience in 2022

Freelancing is a business started by an individual to promote a service. It is a great business framework. It enables you to start your own business by selling your skills and get paid for them. A freelance business allows you to start your own business effectively at no cost.

Now suppose if you are a good creative writer then you may think that how can you start freelancing and get paid for creative writing jobs effectively. There are a lot of online platforms where you can offer your services as a creative writer or blog writer.

Undoubtedly, freelancing is not an easy business but it can be done, even without experience. The hardest thing is to land in the freelancing world. Once you have done it, you will be good to go. Landing in the freelancing world means to get your first client. After your first client, you will be experienced enough to get more clients.

Here we shall discuss every step that will help you to become a successful freelancer.

Know Your Skills

The first and the most important step before starting freelancing is to know your skills. Make a clear understanding of your proficiency. Find your interest in any field such as web designing, software development, graphic designing, content writing, and many more.


Where You Can Start Freelancing?

This step will take a little research. You must have heard about some famous freelancing platforms. Search the top freelancing platforms for beginners through your browser.

You will find a lot of online platforms that provide freelance services. But at this stage, you have to choose a platform that is best and more helpful for beginners.

Here are some freelancing platforms that are helpful for beginners.


Fiverr is one of the most favorite freelancing platforms for beginners. It offers a different kind of freelance work for beginners. It has been proved as the most helpful platform for beginners.

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Upwork is the most considerable platform for freelancers. With a large number of job opportunities, Upwork has become a hot cake for every freelancer no matters if he is a beginner or experienced. It provides us with a trustworthy payment method which secures the freelancers from payment frauds.


Freelancer is also another favorite freelancing platform for freelancers. It provides about 1350 different kinds of freelance work.

Should You Make Multiple Accounts on Different Freelance Platforms?

Yes, you can make different accounts on different freelancing platforms. Because it will give you more opportunities to get a job. Therefore, do not be bound to a single platform.

Create Your Profile on a Freelance Website

To create an attractive and stunning profile, you have to burn some energy. It will take some time. You must have to follow the strategies and inclinations of every freelancing platform. You have to do a competitor analysis to build up a powerful profile.

As the capacity on these platforms has increased, these freelancing platforms have firm rules, especially regarding the creation of a profile.

Note: Providing incorrect information and non-serious behavior will certainly lead to the rejection of your account.

To authorize your freelance account, you have to follow the following instruction:
  • You have to provide all the information that the platform required from you.
  • Show serious and mature behavior during the creation of the account.
  • Fill up every detail properly.
  • Insert the appropriate services.
  • If you have achieved any certification then must add it to your profile.
  • Must take a skill test, it will help to rate your profile.

Which Project Should You Choose?

About thousands of projects are uploaded daily on a freelance platform. In the range of your skill, you will also find a lot of projects. The question here is that should you send a proposal to every project? No, you should not send the offer to every project. You have to read the description of every posted project. If the project is related to your skill then you will send the proposal, otherwise, just ignore the other posts.

Your First Offer Must Include the Following:

  • Service that you will provide to the client.
  • You must have to understand the requirements of the client.
  • Cost opinion of your work.
  • Delivery time of the project.

Note: At the start, you must have to offer your work at a low cost because it will help to rate your profile. You must send your sample to the client if he asks for it.

How to Make Your Portfolio?

A portfolio is an opportunity to display your expertise in front of the world, even you do not have any experience. There are thousands of freelancers but how can you individualize yourself from others?

If you want to distinguish yourself from others then you have to build a powerful portfolio. It does not mean that you add every bit in your profile.

To Make a Powerful Portfolio:

You have to put some effort and use some time. This will help you to shine out from thousands of experienced freelancers.

You must have sample work because it will consider your portfolio. Try to make a sample on the latest trend in the industry. This will show you serious behavior in your work.

Show Your Online Presence

The beginners of freelancing make sure that they remain online all the time. Because it will show your interest in your work. But also take care of sharing your sample work with others because some scammers are also on Fiverr.

Never Compromise on Your Safety

You must take your safety as a freelancer under consideration. Always assure that:

  • You need a strong password for your account.
  • Keep checking your monetary matters.
  • Never work with a suspicious client.
  • Never instantly say ‘yes’ to exciting offers. They may be a scam.
  • Never share your details with your clients.


From the above discussion, you may have found the answer to your question “how to start freelancing with no experience”.

Firstly identify your skill, activate your account on a freelancing platform, make a portfolio, look for your related posts, and then make custom offers and send it to the client. Also, send your sample work to the client if needed. Hope you will find help from the above discussion.

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