How to Rank High in Youtube Search Result in 2021

Do you want to rank high your YouTube videos? We have gathered some amazing information that will help you to rank your youtube videos in 2021. So read this article from start to end so that you get full information about the youtube videos rank. You must read till end, as we have shared a bonus tip at the end that will surely help you to grow.

YouTube SEO

What is youtube SEO? The abbreviation of the SEO is search engine optimization. That plays a vital role in the ranking of any website and youtube channel. If you properly follow the SEO rules for the youtube videos then it will rank a few times. It will help you get traffic to your video.

We will know how to rank our YouTube videos step by step.

1. Keywords Research

That is the first and very important step. You should search the keywords for the title. Your title will be the base of your youtube channel ranking. So research your keywords. You can search your keywords from different websites. Like Ahrefs and you can also use Google trending words.

keyword research using ahref for youtube

While you will open your google page and you will search for a word there will be some suggestions. That could also be used as the keywords. You can also use VidIQ or TubeBuddy. Here you can search the tags. We have already discussed to make money from YouTube Channel here. And you can also generate new keywords ideas with the help of any tool. So keywords are the most important thing that should be used and chosen wisely.

2. Identify Search Intend

That will also be an important thing for SEO. There are many types of search intent. But four are commonly used. If it will be used for the youtube videos then youtube videos get the traffic. You have to search for the keywords that you want to rank for your youtube videos. And want to take it as the search result of the top 5. You have to see these keywords from different angles. Just search your keyword and analyze these results.

3. On-Page Video Optimization

On-page optimization has four main things.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • tags

All the things used as bricks in the house were made into a house. So that all things are the most important after your content. If your videos do not get the traffic then there will be a reason for these all things. If you want to earn from YouTube then you should know about all these things.

Write Catchy Title

If your title will not be catchy then and you have not used any keyword then there are fewer chances to get organic traffic. So your title should be catchy. To make a catchy title you should use the keyword in the title. And use the keywords after research. Using “how-to” in the title increases the possibility of the rank of the youtube videos. For example, you will write your title as “how to write a blog” then many people will search for this. Then there are more chances to get traffic on your videos.

write catchy title for youtube video

Writes the Description

The description is an important thing and you should write some keywords in the description so that your youtube could be monetized. To get the traffic on your youtube videos you should write your description properly.

Use the Thumbnails

As the title and description, you should also add a thumbnail on your youtube videos.  You can draw your thumbnail inspiration. And rank your video in the top 5 search results. Use a thumbnail that attracts the visitor and they will curious about “what will be in this video?“, and they will click on it once.

Don’t use more words and fill the whole image with texts, it will not attract people. Be true, but write something unique. Also, use a nice color combination to your video’s thumbnail. If you are going to create a playlist, We suggest use the same template design thumbnail and just change the text on it. It will distinguish video and will look more attractive to visitors.

Use Proper Tags

Tags another best thing to rank your youtube videos. Tags are simplified by YouTube on the most descriptive phrases. That is also an important thing to rank the youtube channel. For this, you can also use vidIQ and Tubebuddy.

Use right tags for youtube video

If you are worried about the rank of the videos check these things of the videos that will be very useful to rank your youtube videos.

4. Upload and Promote Your Video

To get traffic on YouTube Channel you have to upload and promote your videos. I will share some tips to upload and promote the videos. That will be very helpful for you to get the traffic on youtube.

Upload Video Timing

You should search for the upload timing. That will give your YouTube channel to grow up fast.  Find the best time for the publication. You can use the tool to check the right time for the post. You can use Ashrefs to check the timing of the upload of the video. Besides this, there are a lot of ways to check the timing in which you can upload the videos. That depends on your content also. You can collect your audience data and observe which time people will search for this video.

best time to publish video on youtube

For example in pandemic situations, people will search online shopping or online resources for earning then it will be the best time to make a video. And upload a video at noon. And the next video you should upload at the same time after 48 hours.

Continually uploading the video is another best tip for the new Youtuber. That is less possible that you make the video and this video or your channel grows in a few time. But you should not wait after making a video. You should upload a video once a week.

Share video in your friend circle. That will be also helpful for the video rank.

5. Ask for Subscribe Channel            

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and like your video. You can say it at the end of the middle of the video. But that is suggesting that you should ask for the subscribe not at the very start. After giving the content overview, before detailing you should ask for the subscription.

If your content will be useful or entertaining then people will subscribe to your channel. And also see your full video till the end.

Suggesting Videos

If you have not too many subscribers then here you can invest and pay for the Ads. That is also another good option.

6. Bonus Tip

Here is a bonus tip, you must follow this, and you will definitely get the results. The bonus tip is to Be regular and Consistent. What does it mean?

Consistency means you need to be regular to upload your videos. Make a schedule to upload 2 or 3 videos in a week. Or if you have a team and you can make quick videos and can upload daily videos, it’s great. But then be regular, keep this schedule for a long time. YouTube check this, and put videos in suggestion and rank on high if a person does upload regular videos.

Also, your subscriber will know, you are a regular uploader and they will wait for your videos.

Don’t do that, in starting you upload videos regularly and after 2 3 weeks, you upload videos after many days or a month after.


If you want to rank your youtube videos then you should follow these simple steps. To rank the youtube videos. That is like the smart work to rank the videos at the top five search results. You should use the smart tools for checking the Title to Post the video. Please you must comment below for these steps how much this helped you after applying these.

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