How to Create an Effective Fiverr Gig that Increases Sale

Fiverr is the world’s leading platforms in the freelancing world. It is producing dream results for both buyers and sellers. People with any sort of expertise from Digital marketing to Programming, from Graphic designing to E-commerce, and with other uncountable skills sell their skills. Buyers from different fields hire aspirants according to their business needs.

Fiverr is a non-traditional platform on which sellers present their services in the form of Gig, which includes Price packages, Gig description, Gig title, Pictures, and videos. Buyers see the Gigs and place the orders accordingly.

Because of the rapid growth of this platform in the world of Freelancing, it’s really crucial to compete with too many sellers for a specific skill. So every seller wants to know How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales because the ultimate purpose of and seller is to get maximum orders. This is a complete science of making an effective Gig so that you can compete with top sellers.

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This article is about step by step approach of How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales and in this article we will answer all your queries about this hot topic.

How to Choose an Effective Keyword for Fiverr Gig?

The first step in creating an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales is to find a low competitive and high sale volume keyword. Search with your keyword in the “Find Services” tab and see the number of services which is right above the Gigs section. This number tells how many competitors you will have if you go with this keyword. The more the number the more will be the competition.

There are also some keyword suggestions from the Fiverr against the word “Suggested” below different categories. Explore these suggested keywords too and see their number of competitors.

How to choose an effective keyword for Fiverr Gig

The second most important thing in selecting an effective keyword is sales volume.

What is the Sale Volume in Fiverr and from Where We Can See it?

Sale volume means that sellers who opted specific keywords get how many reviews. Obviously, the more the reviews they have, the more the orders they have. For example, if someone has 5 reviews means he got 5 or more than orders because there is a possibility that some clients did not give the review.

The number of reviews is shown in the parenthesis adjacent to the ratings which the seller got. You can see this from the upfront of any Gig. There is a Gig title, Seller user name, his/her LEVEL (if he/she has more than NO LEVEL), picture, Basic package price, Ratings, and the number of reviews shows on the upfront of any Gig.

This keyword research is the crucial and key step in How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales journey. So, keyword having a low number of competitors and the perfect number of sales should be chosen for the Gig. There is no hard and fast rule that there must be some specific number of competitors and specific sales volume. It all depends on the deep research of different keywords and you will end up with the perfect keyword which will have high sales volume and a low number of competitors.

How to Write an Engaging Gig Description?

The next important step in the step by step process of How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sale is to craft the engaging Gig description. Competitor analysis is the key to finalizing an eye-catching Gig description. Explore different top sellers of your chosen keyword and get an idea of how they are engaging the buyers.

How to write an engaging Gig description

You have to think from the perspective of the buyer that what requirements a buyer could have and what he/she actually could want from me. Add those elements in your Gig which can add the value in the business of the client.

Start your Gig description with the most triggering part of your Gig and tell the reader that Why he/she prefers you over others. What unique services you offer that other sellers are not offering. Also mention how you will add value to the customer’s business. You should make all these points in your Gig as bullets and highlight those words and sentences which are important, so that client can see them in the first look.

How to Set Optimized Price Packages of a Fiverr Gig?

How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales question largely depends upon the price packages you are offering in your Gig. Every buyer cares about the money at the end of the day. In the presence of so many competitors, it is crucial to win the interest of the buyers. Low price is the key thing with which you can impress the buyer.

Especially when you are a new seller and you do not have enough portfolio or zero portfolio then attract your customer with a pretty much low price than the market, so that he/she can avail of your service for his/her business.

There are three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Competitor analysis plays an important role in finalizing your price packages. But remember one this, if you are a new seller then see those profiles which are also new, and if you are an experienced seller then analyze the packages of those competitors of your keyword which are also experienced.

One most important tip in setting your price plans is that always drive the customers towards bigger packages. For example, if you are offering a 500-word article in $5 in your basic package then offer 1100 or 1200 word articles in your $10 package, so that customers can order on your bigger package.

How to Find 5 Optimized Search Tags of a Fiverr Gig?

As I mentioned earlier about the importance of choosing the appropriate keyword in the journey of finding the answer of How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales, in the same way, 05 search tags are also important.

How to find optimized search tags of a Fiverr Gig

These 5 search tags show in the extreme bottom portion of the Gig. For finding perfect and ranking search tags, again competitor analysis is the key. Analyze the search tags of your keyword’s top 5-10 competitors and choose those search tags for you which are most common amongst these.

How to Mention Effective Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in a Fiverr Gig?

You should keep one simple thing in your mind during the process of making FAQs and this is the Buyer’s perspective. Suppose you are a buyer, now think what questions will be in your mind when you will come on a seller profile. Write these questions in your FAQ portion.

How to Make Attractive Pictures for the Fiverr Gig?

An eye-catching image always pitches the audience. So, try to design an image in a way that it reflects your art of creativity. Mention your expertise in it in an effective graphical way, so that it sticks to the eyes of the customers, as images always stick to the human eye more than just simple words.

Try to list down your services in bullet points in the picture, but things should not be overloaded in the picture at the same time. Only most skills and features of your expertise should be displayed on the pictures.

How to make attractive Pictures for the Fiverr Gig

There are many magical tools available on the internet from where you can design amazingly attractive images which can play an important role in increasing the sales of your Gig. Canva is one of the best tools and the best thing about Canva is that there are a lot of already built designs available in it with which you have to do only a minor sort of editing before finalizing it as your Gig’s picture.

How to Do SEO of the Fiverr Gig for Better Ranking?

To get more orders on the Fiverr Gig, obviously, you have to optimize your Gig as per SEO requirements. The better the SEO of the Gig, the more top on the top of the searches your Gig will show. When Gig will show in the top positions then obviously there is the maximum possibility of bulk orders.

SEO of the Gig is ultimately the most crucial step in the step by step approach of How to create an effective Fiverr Gig that increases sales because without this your Gig will not show to the buyer and when it does not show then there is no way of having a sale.

How to do SEO of the Fiverr Gig for better Ranking

SEO of the Fiverr Gig is not a separate thing but it consists of different steps about which I have already talked. Finding high sales volume and the low competitive keyword is also part of the SEO. You have to embed your keyword in the slug so that your Gig’s SEO will be improved. Stuffing of keyword in the Gig description and price packages description is also the part of SEO. Embed your keyword in the name of the picture, video, and the files which you are uploading as your portfolio will also do magic for the better ranking of your Gig.

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