9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Jeff Bezos Wealthy Life

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American entrepreneur born on January 12, 1964. In 1986, Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton University. He has completed his degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. According to the topic, you will find 9 amazing facts about Jeff Bezos.

Later in this article, we will discuss mind-blowing facts about Jeff Bezos‘s wealthy life. He is at #2 on the list of the world’s richest person. His age is about 57 years. Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $184.6 billion.

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon. Initially, his company was started as an online bookstore. Then after watching its success other e-commerce products were also included in it. It is currently the world’s largest e-commerce store.

Jeff Bezos is also the top business tycoon in the world. His company Amazon now has become the largest e-commerce store in the world. In 2002, Jeff Bezos also started Amazon Web Services. Jeff Bezos launched Amazon Kindle in November 2007.

Amazon also provides other services like video and audio streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. He was also listed as the World’s Richest Person on the Forbes list. These are the 9 Mind-Blowing Facts about Jeff Bezos’s wealthy life.

1. Started First Business at High School’s Age

In the list of mind-blowing facts about Jeff Bezos, this is the fact that he started his first business when he was studying in high school. He started his educational summer camp called the Dream Institute. It was for nine to 12 years, old students. Jeff Bezos also worked at McDonald’s for a summer before starting the camp.

2. Youngest Vice-President of Early D.E Shaw

After graduation, he worked for a fintech telecommunications start-up called Fitel. After proving himself, he became head of development and director of customer service at Fitel. Then he moved to Bankers Trust. At the age of 24, he becomes a product manager at Bankers Trust.

He worked for two years there. At the age of 30, Jeff Bezos became the youngest vice-president of D. E. Shaw’s fourth senior vice-president. He left D.E Shaw four years later to launch an online bookstore. His decision proves right for him.

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3. Amazon Startup with $300,000, Fact About Jeff Bezos


On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos found Amazon in his garage. This is a mind-blowing fact about Jeff Bezos that with an investment of $300,000 from his parents he started an online book store.

In his business plan, he already warned many investors that there was a chance that Amazon would fail. But after his hard work and passion, he became successful in making Amazon the biggest e-commerce store.

4. Amazon was not the Initial Name of His Company

In the list of 9 mind-blowing facts about Jeff Bezos, this is the fact that Amazon was not the first name of Jeff Bezos’s company. Jeff Bezos wanted to give his company name called “Cadabra”. But his lawyer Todd Tarbert told him that this name is sounded too similar to “Cadaver”. He changed his decision and choose “Amazon”. He named his company after the Amazon River in South America the largest river in the world.

5. Jeff Bezos Worked Harder Along with his Employee

In the early stages of his business, Jeff Bezos and employees worked so hard for over 8 months. One early employee worked harder even he completely forgot about the blue station wagon that he had parked near his apartment. We can estimate the hard work that they even never had time to read mail. They worked from late night to early morning. They never lose hope and work with passion.

6. Jeff Bezos’s Loss of $500 Million in Business

In 1997, Jeff Bezos officially became a millionaire. In 1999, he was first listed on the Forbes World’s Billionaires. His net worth was $10.1 billion at that time.


In 2000, he lost 40.5% of his net worth. After losing $500 million his net worth decrease down to $1.5 billion. From 2005 to 2007, he increases his net worth to $8.7 billion. His net worth rose by 85.2% in 2010. In 2020, in the list of the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos is at #2 with a net worth of $194.9 billion. Jeff Bezos is also one of the top business tycoons.

7. Bezos’s Net Worth is Greater than the GDP of Many Countries

Another mind-blowing fact about Jeff Bezos is that his net worth is greater than the GDP of many other countries. The GDP of Iceland is $23.5 billion, Zimbabwe’s is about $22 billion, and Luxembourg’s is $68 billion which is less than the net worth of a total worth of Jeff Bezos which is $194.9 billion.

8. Bezos was a Passenger in a Helicopter Crash in 2003, Mind-Blowing Fact About Jeff Bezos

In 2003, Jeff Bezos was involved in a serious helicopter crash in west Texas. He was in the helicopter with his lawyer Elizabeth Korrell, guide Ty Holland and pilot Charles Bella. The helicopter landed upside-down in a river.

It was partially filled with water. Holland, Bella, and Jeff Bezos escaped successfully with only minor injuries. While his lawyer Korrell suffered a broken vertebra from the accident. This was really a miracle for him.

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9. Founder of Blue Origin, Rocket Ship Company

In the list of amazing facts about Jeff Bezos, one of the facts is that at the 18-year-old he stated that he wanted to preserve Earth from overuse through resource depletion.

founder of blue origin - fact about jeff bezos

In the late 2000s, Jeff Bezos shows that he is interested in reducing the cost of space travel for humans while also increasing the safety of extraterrestrial travel. In 2000, Jeff Bezos founded the aerospace manufacturer and suborbital space flight Services Company.


This is the list of 9 mind-blowing facts about Jeff Bezos Wealthy life. Hope this article is a source of good information for you. If you know any mind-blowing facts let us know in the comment section. Don’t forget to share it with others.

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