5 Habits That Make You Happier

We spend our whole life in depression and in our whole life we keep trying to satisfy ourselves. But we couldn’t do that because we did not know the real meaning of real happiness and unfortunately we also didn’t practice for it. We will discuss here 5 habits that make you happier. Yes, happiness is the practice. You have to practice to satisfy, to understand others, practice to live in the present moment. If we know those rules and practices, we also become the happiest person in the world. Some reasons do not allow us to be happy and satisfied in life. We didn’t even know what happiness is?.

Let’s know what happiness is? with the help of Quote 

Ralph Marion said about happiness:

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.”

Ralph Marion

That is clear happiness is not dependent on your success and that is not related to money. That is your deeper inner self which makes you peaceful and happy. And you also become happy if you build these 5 habits that make you happier.

5 Habits that Make You Happier

We noticed that we usually feel energetic after listening to any motivational quotes and speech. But that could not affect us for a long time. Same with happiness, we are happy but we couldn’t remain happy. Our sorrows, regrets, and failures occupied our minds strongly that did not allow our minds to remain happy, peaceful, and satisfied. But the good thing is we can overcome this feeling by developing some habits. Practice the following tips and tricks if you want to experience real happiness.

1. Do Not Lose Your Relations

You should know How to be Happy in a Relationship because In Harvard research for almost 70 years proved that people, who have lost their relationships in life. they have to face the depressions. And that was the world’s biggest research. So that is if you want a satisfied and peaceful life then you should not lose your relations at any cost. That may give you temporary grief but they will make you happy for the rest of your life. Here are some tips on how could build healthy relationships.

Tip# 1 Give Time To Your Family – Habits that Make You Happier


That is the crucial thing. Nowadays due to technology we are away from our family. We didn’t give time to them which creates a problem in life. So to give time to your family will give you real pleasure.

Tip# 2 Communication

Communication is the issue that ruins your life but we didn’t care for it. We did not want to listen to what is the point of others we are trying to say only what we want. It’s just like we are trying to impose ourselves on others. Others will bear it at the limit. So communication should be strong to build a healthy life.

Tip# 3 Understanding

Understanding is the part of the communication you have to build a good understanding with anyone your friend or family. Try to understand them. You have to build the understanding as anyone easily says without any hesitation what he wants. You should understand the needs of your family. And remove the gaps in the family. That you can do by giving time and attention.

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2. Make Journal

You have to make a to-do list and make a list of all those things that make you happy. I know that is a useless task for you. But I assure you that will make your visions clear. When you will clear your thoughts then definitely you will be happy. So for this purpose, you should make a list in which you should write the things that gave you pleasure. And things that annoy you.

We know all the things that gave us pleasure. But the word “we know” creates a lot of problems in our life. We think we know but in fact, we don’t know. We even don t know how to be happy.

3. Exercise and Meditation

Exercise is not only for the body that also helps us to keep our mind fresh and calm. When we are calm then we can enjoy happiness for a long time. And exactly that is our purpose to stay happy and calm. Daily give time to healthy exercise and meditate to yourself. Get up early in the morning and after light exercise and spend quality time in exercise and diet makes you fit. And you will be ultimately happy if you are not ill.

Happiness is inside of you don’t find that in the world.

4. Help to Others is a Habit to Make You Happier

When we help others and try to live for others then that will make us spiritually strong. And the smile that you gave others gives you happiness. And you could not ever experience that kind of satisfaction, peace, and calmness to get a great achievement.


That is the rule of the universe that will return you that you will give to others. If you want happiness then you should spread happiness in the life of others. That is the best tip if you want happiness you have to do something for others to make them happy. Then ultimately this thing will come to you in return from this universe.

5. Spend Time with Yourself


Sometimes we don’t know what we want to ourselves, which means we are not clear in our thoughts. For this, you have to know to yourself. You should know how to be happy with yourself. If you are happy with yourself then you have conquered this world already. Now the question is this, how can you be happy with yourself. For this, there are some tips.

Respect yourself, think that you are important, Enjoy every moment, and try to live in the present moment,(you can do that after some practice) Go for an outing to your favorite place. If you are not happy with yourself then no one can make you happy in the world.


Happiness is an overnight venture for those who believe that they could remain happy. That depends on your mind. We are habitual of thinking about past misfortunes and future plainings. But with this, we are not enjoying our present. And you can enjoy your present by developing the given habits to make you happy.

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