5 Basic Rules to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important in every field of life. If we talk about the business then we can say that business could not ever grow without that skill. And not the only business in freelancing you need to improve that skill. Communication has become the art of the business field. That is not only important in your business that is also used in your personal life. Your communication skills can uplift your business. In this article, we will discuss the 5 basic rules to improve your communication skills that can grow your business. And I will also give some important tips that you should avoid in your communication.

5 Basic Rules of Communication Skills

Following are the 5 basic rules to improve communication skills. If you want to become a good speaker and you want others to listen to you and you become a successful person then here are 5 basic rules of communication that can change your personality s impression. These rules help you to find out your communication mistakes. To identify your mistakes and correct them.

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1. Listening

Listening is one of the important things in communication if you are not listening to others carefully no one will take an interest in your talk. So if you want others to listen to you then you should listen to them carefully. Not only listen but also understand and perceive what is the point of view. What he wants to say. Here are two ways of listening. You should use both. Listen by ears and eyes. When you are just listening but could not observe the body language then that is a weak conversation. When you observe others then you can understand what he wants to say. Maybe his words do not say anything to you, his body language, his face expression says something. so do not rely only on the words. Listen to each thing.

listening is the important part of communication

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”

Bernard M. Baruch


” We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”.


2. It Should be Engaging

That is a very important thing when we talk to others we should speak or write engaging words. Not only the words should be engaged with another your words selection as like that to engage the listener in your words.  When our words engage with another then that is called effective communication. For example, when we talk about politics and without any proportion we suddenly change the topic and talk about the business then other people think he has no grip on his words and others also think that you are not serious to talk to them and that it is also expected that the listener could not understand your turning topic. That is also art on how to engage the words and how to engage others that he wants to listen to. So here are also some important tips to share with you. If you speak with emotions or share any information then the listener will listen to you and will engage with your words so try to speak as you can feel others emotions.

3. Clear and Brief Your Discussion

brief your discussion

We never wish to listen to long and unclear speeches. Not only to speak , if anyone talks with us for a long time we become irritated So you should use the precise words to speak. Your word selection is like in the short words and in a short period, you say all. So that others can understand and can also save their time. And your discussion should capture the attention of 3 and 5 seconds. We can clear it by the example when we watch the video on youtube, before starting the video there is an ad display which we could skip after 3 seconds. But in the 3 seconds, this ad has captured our attention, in brief, their silent message we received then we watch all the ad till the end. So if your discussion is clear and short in the starting then it will capture the attention of others.

4. Confident But Not Overconfident

Confidence is a good thing but overconfidence has a bad impact on others. When we talk to another then we should speak confidently but not try to tell others what you are? What have you done? What do you think that you have done in your life never can do that? That is the wrong thing, everyone fights its battle and everyone one good at it. We can speak confidently if we have listened to the others and the second thing we have the complete knowledge about what you are saying.

For example, freelancing your client sends you some problems to solve and then you should say you will do that properly and try your best. But overconfident people will say that is very easy to do. I can do that easily. That is the difference between confidence and overconfidence.

5. Know Your Audience

When you are talking to anyone then you should keep in your mind that what kind of people are engaging with you then observe them and talk. That is also an important thing in communication for example if you are talking about the business but your audience is gathered to listen about health and care. When you start a discussion with someone then you should know what is another is interested to listen.


That is not at all. If you follow those 5 basic rules to improve the communication skills it will make your life easy.

3 Important Tips for Effective Communication

Communication is separate from the language. Language is just the medium, the main thing is the communication that you convey and perceive. Following are the three important tips that will help you to polish your communication skills.

1. Avoid Speaking Loud

People usually use a loud voice to dominate the conversation. Your voice should be soft whatever you want to say. If you are habitual to speak loud for say anything then you should leave it from now because it will directly affect your personality. These things weaken your personality rapidly. People will start to avoid you if you are habitual to speak loud. 

2. Don’t Enforce Yourself through Opinion

That is a very bad habit that can impact badly on your career. If you want to give any advice then you should build your personality strong. Without asking anyone to advise, impact badly about your personality. Even no one will be interested to listen to you.

3. Common Discussion

If you are participating in any group discussion then you should talk about the common discussion. If they are talking about another thing and without knowing all the things you participate in that discussion.

If you avoid these things then you can be able to develop a huge change in your life and your personality.

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